8 Best Tire Pressure Gauges of 2020

Tire gauge pressure is the pressure of the air present in the tire. Since the tire is made for specific loads and pressures under different conditions, hence it is important to keep them at the optimal pressures as designated. There are various types of pressure gauges present out these days but choosing the one that you need might seem a little difficult. So here is a list of the best 8 pressure gauges of 2020:

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

AstroAI digital tire pressure gauge is the best one because of its compact size, affordability, and modern reliable design. Also car tyre inflator plays important role, you should buy one of these. This device is compact and has a clear lit digital screen to display your stats accurately. Doesn’t matter if it is a car, bike, truck or a cycle, it’ll get the job done. In dimensions, it just measures 4.3 x 7.9 x 1.2 inches which will easily fit in the palm of your hand and it also has an ergonomic knuckle grip to it. It has 4 ranges of measurement PSI, Bar, kPa and Kgf/cm that can be activated with a push on its well-placed trigger button. It also saves set life by shutting off in 30-40 seconds. The device comes bundled with a battery and a one-year warranty.

Michelin 12290 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

It’s a key-ring sized pressure gauge from Michelin and it makes a great tool for your glovebox. Regardless of its tiny size, it works like any other pressure gauge out there using your tire’s stem valve. The device fits in the palm and has a large LCD backlit display which enhances readability. It can also display results in four different units: PSI, Bar, kPa, and kg/cm^2. The range of it is 5-99 PSA with a 0.5 PSI resolution. The bonus is that it has an inbuilt flashlight, which can be used even if you’re not using the pressure gauge.

Custom Accessories 73335 Chrome 1-10 PSI Pencil Tire Gauge

Custom Accessories 73335 Chrome 1-10 PSI Pencil Tire Gauge is a decade-old device and yet it stands as the most economical one present to date. Although it is an old-age device with no LCD panel, it has a retractable stick that points to the present pressure surprisingly accurately. It measures a range of 10 to 100 PSI. In dimensions, it measures .6 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches and is similar in design to a metal pen and can fit conveniently in your pocket. This is a manual device and hence it is operated differently than the electronic ones present these days but it works on the same principals.

Accutire MS-4021LB

It comes with an elegant design and tough built with a durable body to make it last longer. It has a reading capability of 5 to 150 PSI in .5-pound increments. It has a large LED-backlit display with replaceable batteries. Customers praise the product for its long lifespan in terms of usability and physical conditions. It can be considered as a value for money product.

JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge

It comes with a rugged steel casing combined with metal construction added with shock-absorbing gear styled casing. Keeping the user in mind it has been calibrated to ANSI B40.1 international accuracy standard to ensure proper PSI readings done manually without relying on batteries. It has a range of 0 to 60 PSI and comes with an air bleeder valve that pulls out excess air from the tire.


When it comes to the best for checking your tire pressure, CACAGOO Wireless TPMS is your go-to device. It has an electronic system with a dedicated GUI that helps you monitor the pressure in real-time. It also comes with IP67 water and dust resistant rating. It has a wide-angle LCD that plugs into your DC outlet. It can be customized as through the user’s needs. It transmits the data wirelessly of all the tire pressures in either Bar or PSI and also warns when below the set limits for the pressures.

Geartronics Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

This is a hybrid device that comes with a modern digital LED face. It comes with an air bleeder and inflator. So, you can not only check and remove air but also inflate the tire. The digital backlit LED screen comes with reading four measurement units of PSI, Bar, KG/CM, and kPa. The reliable reading feature comes with .01 to .02 margin of error for tire pressure.

TireMinder High Precision Digital Truck and RV Gauge

It is a long stem necked device that is easy and straight forward to use. Dimension-wise it measures 12.2 x 1.8 x 1 inch with a range of 10 to 150 PSI with a deviation of one PSI for precision. It has a green backlit LED screen for easy readability, a front-facing illuminating flashlight, and a custom ‘no sweat’ grip for easy holding. It comes bundled with batteries and two interchangeable heads for varied uses. It is best in terms of warranty as the company gives a 5-year warranty on the product, hence get it out there and use it risk-free.

There you have it, the perfect list of devices from the best modern to best economical ones. Choose the ones that suit and fit your requirements and budget. Although some devices are more for small businesses or in workshops and some are more of personal use and hence should be taken care of.

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